Bar Cart Must Haves

What essential items do you need to create the perfect at home bar cart? Check out this essentials list. 

Bar Cart 


    • Obviously to start you need a cart. From art deco, mid century modern, industrial and beyond. There is the perfect style for everyone out there. Find the one that suits you and your decor perfectly and then get ready to add in all of the essentials! 

    Variety of Alcohol 


      • This is also a necessity for any bar cart: alcohol! Have a nice variety of your favorite alcohols: vodka, gin, rum, whiskey, tequila, beer, wine, and/or champagne. 

        • Don’t forget to include all of the non-alcoholic mixers to your cart. Include sparkling water, still water, fruit juices, club soda, ginger ale, cola, and any extra mixer that is needed to create your favorite drinks!  

          • This is the longest part of the list. In order to make a large variety of drinks you’re going to need a decent variety of tools. Your cart should have a bottle opener, cocktail shaker, strainer, jigger, cutting board, straws, stirrers, bar spoon with muddler, juicer, napkins, and dish towel. 

            • Once you make your delicious drinks you’re going to need stunning glasses to serve them. Our Aura Collection includes a variety of glasses and will be the perfect way to elevate your bar cart to the next level! 

              • Make sure to include your favorite garnishes so you can complete your drinks. Include cocktail olives, limes, lemons, mint, salt, pepper, maraschino cherries, sugar, and any other ingredients you might want to add to give your drink that extra something special to make it look spectacular. 

                • Other than glassware this is how you can make your cart truly standout and make it uniquely yours. Add in decor elements that match your home and fit in perfectly with your style. Add in flowers, candles, a decorative tray, your favorite recipe book, photos, or any decor item that is your favorite. This is the best way to make your bar cart customized to your style so be creative! 

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