What is Cold Brew and Why is It Good For You?

If you need coffee in the morning to function well for the rest of the day, then you are not alone. An estimated sixty percent of Americans enjoy some variety of coffee-based drinks every day. We’re used to the comforting and familiar aroma of coffee beans brewing, but cold brew coffee has been changing the way coffee aficionados, as well as non-morning persons who need coffee to stay on their feet, see coffee.

So what is cold brew coffee all about? Brewed coffee, cold brew coffee: same banana, right?

Well, not exactly. With regular brewed coffee, you just warm up your coffee pot, add ground beans and water, and voila! You have your cup of Joe steaming and ready for you. With cold brew coffee, though, you steep ground beans in room temperature or cold water for 12-24 hours. If heat extracts flavors and antioxidants in your regular brew, time does that in cold brew.

Okay, we get that. But why wait for 12-24 hours? How is cold brew any different from your regular Java?

First, cold brew coffee contains more caffeine than regular brew. Due to the long steeping process, more caffeine is extracted from your coffee beans. This stuff will give you a stronger kick in the morning!

Since cold brew has a higher content, it could help you lose weight faster, since caffeine triggers your ability to continue burning calories even after exercise.

Moreover, the research made by the Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging shows the connection between caffeine and cognitive function. It also shows that the bioactive compounds in coffee can lessen cognitive discrepancies, as well as enhancing motor function.

Furthermore, cold brew coffee is less acidic and less bitter. Because heat is subtracted from the cold brewing process, your coffee is much smoother and sweeter.

Lastly, because of its high antioxidant content, especially chlorogenic acid, the the body’s natural anti-inflammatory defenses are boosted and free-radicals are fought off.

Question: is it worth it to try cold-brew coffee? Indeed it is! The benefits really make your cup of cold-brew worth the wait!

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