Valentine's Day Wine Pairings

Valentine's is just around the corner, and we have just what you need to make that dinner memorable, especially if you decide to follow our menu with your home cook skills and pick what you want to drink: wine or sparkling wine?

Oh, you’re going out? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered as well.

Let’s start with our wine pairings!

For an entrance of Cauliflower Bisque with Brown Butter croutons, we would recommend a lightly oaked Chardonnay that will match not only the creamy texture of the soup but the toasty buttery notes of the croutons.

Options: Novelty Hill Chardonnay Stillwater Creek Vineyard Columbia Valley, L’Ecole 41 Chardonnay, Trefethen Estate Chardonnay

Our main dish is luscious Potato Gnocchi with Pork Ragù, and it’s best paired with a savory italian red wine (ideally from Piedmont) that can match the umami notes of the sauce and balance the richness of the pork and gnocchi.

Options: Covalli Barolo from the Piedmont region, or a Nebbiolo de Langhe.

For dessert we decided to go for a classic: Chocolate Fondue with Fruits.

For this pairing we need to balance the sugar in the chocolate, especially if you’re using milk chocolate. The best way to do it is either a Ruby Port or a sweet wine.

Options: M. Chapoutier’s Banyuls from Roussillon in the South of France.

In case sparkling is your type...

Let’s talk about the entrance, a Creamy Polenta with Mushrooms and Collars with an italian bend that makes it ideal to pair with Traditional Method (sparkling wines made in the style of Champagne) from Italy, whose deep gold fruit flavors match the creamy polenta to the detail

Options: Rotari 'Flavio' Riserva Brut Trento of Cavellari Franciacorta Satèn

Our main dish is a classic, simple and elegant Citrus-Roasted Salmon. The best pairing possible among the sparkling wines is a Champagne, ideal to elevate the evening and make it extra special.

Options: Varnier Fanniere‘s Grand Cru Brut

The dessert is a classic with a twist that cannot miss the mark, Cheesecake-Stuffed Strawberries. As a treat, they’re complemented best by an off-dry bubbly, also demi-sec Champagne will enhance the flavor of the strawberries perfectly. Another option is an extra-dry or dry Prosecco Superiore DOCG that would also make for a beautifully fresh and fruity match. Last, but not least, it can be paired with a rosé demi-sec Champagne.

Options: Follow your heart and pick a reputable house for any of the selected styles.


All the wine pairings were made by Nicole Ruiz Hudson from Somm’s Table.

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