5 Mexican Themed Cocktails for Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is a time to celebrate a little-known battle victory from 1862 with the aid of food, friends, and of course drinks. This list is just a small sample of cocktails with origins in Mexico, each one can be customized to almost anyone’s liking. Whatever you decide, make sure you drink responsibly while you’re having a good time. Happy Cinco de Mayo, amigos!



If you’re typically only popping open beer bottles at a party, you might find that this classic Mexican take on cerveza is right up your alley. Both refreshing and spicy at the same time, all it takes to make this drink is your light beer of choice, Worcestershire, hot sauce, lime juice, and a chili/salt mixture. We recommend adding all the non-alcoholic ingredients first in a glass before adding ice and finally the beer. 


Mexican Coffee

Need some energy before the party really gets going? How about incorporating your daily cup of coffee into your Cinco de Mayo cocktail? Mexican coffee combines everyone’s favorite morning drink with cinnamon, Tequila, and coffee liqueur. We recommend Kahlua, especially since it was first introduced to the world by Mexico over 80 years ago. 



Named after the Spanish word for “dove,” this drink is widely consumed in Mexico, and is often served pre-made in cans. Perfect for a mid-spring day (like Cinco de Mayo), Tequila, agave nectar, lime, and grapefruit soda is all that’s needed to make this refreshing cocktail. Since grapefruit has such a strong taste, feel free to play around with the amount you use. 



Horchada is a traditional Mexican drink made from rice, vanilla, and cinnamon. Perfect for the late evening wind-down, spiked versions of this classic Mexican drink call for either the use of sherry or rum. Serve heated to accompany the bonfire or over ice for a refreshing break from a humid night. 



The drink that comes to most people’s mind when they hear “Cinco de Mayo,” this cocktail can be modified in a wide variety of fun and tasty ways. While the drink is not regarded as important to Mexico as it is to people here in the U.S., it is still served at every Mexican restaurant, café, and even the World Showcase at EPCOT Center. If you’re tired of the staple flavors, try steeping out of the box and using ingredients like cranberry juice, watermelon, and if you’re really adventurous rhubarb. 


Which of these drinks will you try this Cinco de Mayo? Perhaps one will make it to your permanent drink order list throughout the year.

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